My Skin Burns Where My Kitten Licked Me?

” Her face had gone white and the blood seemed to drain from her body. “What’s wrong?”

He pulled out of her, moving himself away from her with measured steps, then he turned around and faced me, his eyes full of anger. “Your dad used you as a bargaining chip against them!” He shouted. I heard it echoed by Gregor in my head: They were willing to kill him just so they could get what we had on them!

I didn’t say anything because I was too shocked—too hurt for sound to come out. My mother stood up and went over to him; she wrapped both arms around his waist and clung tight there while tears streamed down her face. Then she looked at me again through tear-filled eyes that shimmered silver in the light of an approaching moon that was now visible high overhead behind us. She said softly but intensely, “You knew about this? You really knew all along about your father being taken hostage?! Why didn’t you tell anyone?! We would have helped if we knew!! If you hadn’t kept it secret…if you hadn’t hidden this information…your father might still be alive today…Tessa…we love you so much…you can tell us anything…anything at all…”

I felt like crying myself because suddenly everything made sense; finally everything fit together into one big picture that brought