Resucued Kitten How Do You Aclamate Into Home With Dogs?

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Q. I’ve been thinking about getting a second cat, but my husband doesn’t want another one—he was very happy with our two already. We don’t have much money right now and we really need the space that the current kitties occupy! Do you think it would be possible to get cats from friends or relatives as long as they are spayed/neutered and friendly with children? Or is there any reason not to adopt as many as we can afford at this point in time? Thanks so much for your help!! –Shelly G., California A. It sounds like Shelly has made up her mind about adopting more than one cat ,and she is willing to wait until finances allow her to take care of them properly .It is important that all cats housed together peacefully, which means each should have their own litter box, food bowl or feeding station and water bottle, toys ,and scratching post .Cats seem happier when they can run around outside often too .Here are some things you could do if Shelly plans on adopting several cats : Buy an extra-large cage (one large enough for 2–3 small dogs )that opens out into a larger pen where all 3 cats could play safely together away from doors leading off rooms ; buy baggies of shredded paper (catnip or other interesting materials)for them to chase; install an electronic