Should You Get A Kitten When You Have An Older Cat?

If you have a cat that is 15 years old and still going strong, then it’s probably time to consider a kitten for your home. Cats are much like people in the sense that they will need attention from their owners at various times throughout the day. You can give them lots of love by spending quality one-on-one time with them every single day as you would taking care of any small child or infant. In addition to this, getting a young kitten gives your older cat something new to play around with so he won’t become bored or frustrated which could lead him to becoming depressed and wanting to take his own life.

Should I get my cat spayed/neutered before getting a kitten?

One common misconception about cats and kittens is that if you leave your male (or female) cat alone all year long; he will not start spraying urine on walls and furniture etc., but rather do it when he sees other cats outside – therefore neutering him will solve this problem! While this may be true in some cases where the owner ignores her pet for months at a time, most often these issues arise because of improper litter training; overgrooming; boredom; health problems such as UTI’s caused by inappropriate elimination habits; behavioral problems such as territorial marking i.e: spraying urine against objects, fences or other animals etc.; medical conditions such as hyperthyroidism causing erratic behavior resulting in inappropriate elimination habits etc.; neurological disorders such