Stray Sick Kitten Who To Call?

“No, no. I mean, call my vet guy? He’s the one who told me about this stuff in the first place. I don’t know if he’ll be around or not.”

“Well, what are you gonna do for him?” she asked. “You can’t just leave him there to die.”

I shook my head sadly at her enthusiasm and said that wasn’t really an option though it was something I’d have to consider later. The thing was that our vet guy had given us a lot of information on holistic medicine in cats before we ever got Rascal here so it seemed strange now that he didn’t want to help when we were in need of his expertise again. We looked up some websites on our phones when she left but they really weren’t much better than what people offered over the phone by way of advice so after another half hour or so dealing with these attempts at helping us out with Rascal’s problems online I decided enough was enough and went back inside where Lulu sat perched like a scared bird waiting for me to get home safely every night while trying desperately to hide it from everyone else (including Jules). It would’ve been more endearing if she hadn’t done such a good job of doing exactly that all along; hiding how afraid she actually was because she couldn’t stand being fussed over like an invalid yet making sure everyone knew how awesomely awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome super special great mom