How to give medicines to your cat? Exploring the best alternatives!

For a moment, let’s go back to when we were kids and used to get sick a lot. We would all agree that medicines never tasted bitter as they did then. Today, we’ve fully grown into adults and take medications seriously, but apparently, our pets don’t. You all might know already which pet troubles the most when it comes to medicines and sickness. Yes, they’re cats.

If you are a cat owner, you must be aware that cats turn out to be the most annoying pets when they are sick. We cannot stop them from roaming here and there in the house or prevent them from eating junk 24/7, but yes, we definitely can find an alternative to medicines for their quick recovery. You must be thinking how right? Keep on reading to find out.

Giving your cat medicine can rarely be easy, but knowing a systematic procedure would help you do it quickly without causing trouble to you and your cat. It is believed that liquid medicines are more accessible to feed than pills or drops but let us tell you that it too requires precision and patience but can be quickly done if you follow the following alternatives:

Switch to Food flavors:

Cats can be very picky when it comes to food. They even are sensitive to some pungent-smelling medicines, so a perfect alternative would be to mix the medication in food, so they do not feel disgusted. It involves flavoring your cat’s medicine with chewy and soft meals with precise dosage. You could also use flavors like Tuna and Chicken, a popular source of attraction for cats.

Choose a feasible delivery method:

Your cat would run away from rigid smelly pills, but you can always switch to accessible alternatives like ointments. Cats hate drugs but not cuddling, so you can go to your veteran and ask them to switch to creams or gels. The best part about these ointments is that they can be applied while brushing your cat but if your cat is not fond of cuddling then you can always switch to oral suspension medication. These liquids are made with almond oil and can be flavored as your cat’s taste buds.

Forcing your cat won’t help:

You know what’s better for your cat, but this doesn’t mean that forced delivery of medicine will help; instead, it will ruin the bond between you and your cat. If your cat doesn’t feel like it, you must try to distract it before feeding any medicine. If your cat vomits, don’t stress out or re-attempt as some medications quickly get absorbed through their mucosal membranes in the mouth.

Visit your Veterinarian:

If the above alternates for medicine do not work, then don’t worry, as your pharmacist or cat veteran can be of great help. You can always ask questions and concerns about your cat from your vet. Cats can be mysterious creatures, and there is no doubt about it. Veterinary compounding is a great way to improve your cat’s health using well-developed medicines. You could always ask for medicinal alternatives from the vet after judging the nature of your cat.

Good old Ways:

If you think your cat can manage the good old ways of giving medicines, then just follow the simple steps below:

  • Hold the head of your cat firmly
  • Tilt the head back, so the cat opens its mouth
  • Place the pill in your cat’s mouth and push it backward with your middle finger but be very careful as you wouldn’t want your cat to bite your finger.
  • Leave the pill as backward as possible in the mouth but don’t push it down through its throat.
  • Blow on your cat’s nose to encourage it to swallow the pill
  • Reward your cat with snacks for being patient and voila!