The Kitten Who Thought He Was A Mouse?

“That’s right. And he was a really good mouse too.”

By this time we had reached the house and I said, “You know what? You should be a detective when you grow up. It’s easy to figure out who did it because one of them put the cat in the oven! They saved their own lives but they couldn’t save that poor kitten from being roasted alive! That is wrong! How could anybody do such a thing?! So then my dad says, ‘Well, I guess we can talk about who did it or not? We may never get any closer to figuring out who killed our cat so how about if we just forget all about it and move on with life? Isn’t there anything else going on here besides this stupid investigation? Why don’t you go play outside for a while while Dad and I have some coffee before bedtime gets here?’ And that was that—the end of our Kitty Killer hunt. My dad didn’t want me hanging around at night by myself anymore after hearing those screams from inside The Cat House—that place where Kitty used to live until she got old enough to move into her own house across town—and then hearing those horrifying cries again two nights later followed by an awful silence…by which time no more cats were dying at The Cat House; instead, they were all getting married and having babies like everyone else in