Top 10 Things To Know When Raising A Kitten?

(Hint: it’s not poop and poopy diapers…) Here are some kitten-friendly tips for feline parents.

Raising a cat can be difficult at times, especially when you have to deal with the unexpected (and sometimes unavoidable) chores like litter boxes, food and water bowls, toys, scratching posts and more. And then there is always the question of “when do we introduce our new kitty into our home?” The truth is that cats adapt very well to most situations; but they will need time to adjust before introducing them too much change in their environment. So let’s go over the top 10 things to know when raising a kitten:

1) What breed should I get? If you want your cat or kitten to fit in nicely with most other cats around him/her, here are some guidelines on which breeds may fit best with certain personalities: