What Age Can A Kitten Wear A Collar?

A collar is only appropriate for kittens of between 3 and 6 months old. Some cats can be stimulated by a toy, such as a feather wand, which you can get from the pet shop―a cat will enjoy playing with this more than it will play with your hand!

What should I do if my kitten cries when sleeping?

Your little one may simply need to sleep more often than he does at present—as well as eating and drinking plenty, try feeding him less often so his appetite increases slightly. If the crying continues or if any other unusual symptoms appear, consult your vet immediately. He’ll likely recommend that you change his diet (see “What kind of food should I give my new kitten?” on page 27) until he’s settled down again; some vets would suggest that you seek alternative treatment if there are underlying health issues involved.

How much exercise should my new kitten have?

You shouldn’t let your baby go too far without supervision: Kittens tend to like exploring new places and getting into mischief! But it’s also important not to overdo things: Make sure they’re always supervised by an adult who has time available to keep track of them both during playtime and while they nap after their long day of fun! She’ll grow up knowing how to handle herself in natural environments without becoming stressed out about being left alone in unknown territory.

Should I spay/neuter my kitten right away? Should I