What Age Can My Kitten Wear A Collar?

It is recommended that kittens are not allowed to wear collars until they are at least 4 months old. Collars should be small in size and non-restrictive.

Why do you recommend cats have their cat food bowls close by?

Keeping the water bowl for your cat within easy reach will help prevent accidents while providing fresh drinking water throughout the day. We also suggest keeping a dry kitty litter pan close by, as this will reduce the risk of using other surfaces such as counters and tables. The best way to keep your kitty clean is with a daily bathing routine and an occasional brushing session with a comb/brush during bath time or when she is shedding her coat (this helps eliminate debris that can cause health problems).

Will my cat get sick if I don’t give him enough attention?

Visit our website for tips on how to express affectionate love towards your pet so he feels comfortable around you – http://www.bestofpetcaretips4u.com/how-to-show-love-for-your-cat/. If left alone too much, some cats may become depressed and start acting out more than usual in order to get “attention” from humans – this in turn can result in misbehavior like scratching furniture or walls, spraying urine outside of litter boxes, etc.. Remember: we only want what’s best for YOUR PET!