What Age Can You Separate A Kitten From Its Mother?

“A kitten can survive without its mother for a week,” he said. “But it can die from starvation in that time. And if your uncle weren’t fastidious about his housekeeping and feeding habits, you wouldn’t be alive now to ask the question. So I have decided you are old enough to know the answer yourself—you are old enough to take responsibility for your own actions, so long as they do not interfere with any of my duties or responsibilities as a member of this family. In fact, after tonight it will no longer be an option for you; we will begin formal training on Monday morning at six o-clock sharp; we don’t want any delays between here and then! Is that clear? Good night. Don’t let Mr Pajeot sleep through his first class tomorrow morning: he has been known to make up lessons on Sunday afternoon when there aren’t too many distractions around him!