What Age Can You Spay And Neuter A Kitten?

The average age for a female cat to be spayed or neutered is about six months old. The average age for a male cat to be spayed or neuter is nine weeks old, but some veterinarians will perform the surgery earlier. If your kitten seems too small for this procedure, ask your veterinarian if he can wait until he’s older and stronger before performing the surgery on him, if it’s an option with his practice. Also keep in mind that various factors could affect the timing of when you should have him neutered, such as if any of these circumstances apply:

Your vet has determined that there are health issues related to being intact (not having been spayed). For example, many vets suggest having their male cats fixed because they often develop prostate problems as adults due to not being fixed as kittens; however, some males do fine without getting fixed as adults. There may come a time when your veterinarian determines otherwise and advises you against delaying his operation until he turns eight months old instead of waiting until then; again though this decision would depend on what other conditions might need addressing first at that point in his life since we all know how much time and attention our little ones require after reaching adulthood!