What Age Can You Use A Flea Collar On A Kitten?

Here’s a general rule of thumb: Once your kitten is at least 5 weeks old, you can begin using flea collars on kittens. These collars are designed to prevent the development of adult fleas in your cat and work by killing off any fleas that may be present when they bite them. If you have a very young kitten or one with an ailment such as severe diarrhea, consult your veterinarian before using a product like Frontline Plus Flea Collar for Cats because it could interfere with their treatment plan.

How much do flea collars cost?

You can expect to pay anywhere from $9-12 per month for a collar made from safe ingredients and something that will actually protect your pet from parasites, right? But what if we told you there was an alternative out there available at all times of the year for less than half the price…wouldn’t you want to know about this? We tried explaining our experience with these natural alternatives without going too deep into how they work but trust us – it works! Our friends over at Naturalgymhd were kind enough to let us share some info regarding these products so that readers would be able to make informed decisions on which ones would suit their lifestyle best. You don’t need crazy amounts of money invested in order to keep those pesky pests away from those precious furry creatures! Click here if interested in learning more!