What Age Do You Declaw A Kitten?

We are not permitted to declaw kittens under the age of six weeks. If you feel your kitten needs to be declawed, please visit an animal shelter or adoption center.

How do I get my vet-requested declaw? Is it painful? What should I expect?

It is important that the procedure is performed by a qualified veterinarian with experience in this type of surgery. The cat will be given anesthesia and sedation through an intravenous injection prior to the procedure itself. A numbing medicine will then be injected into the nail bed at which time the claw has been removed from either side of each toe causing minimal discomfort for your pet during recovery time, usually just a couple of days after surgery (depending on how much pain medication was used). After one week your cat can go home and resume normal activities as long as they have no further complications related to their claws remaining intact before being removed again if needed down the road(s). Your cat may need some additional care around healing post-surgery such as keeping them indoors for several days following cast removal or having daily hands-on attention like putting lotion on sore paws/toes after bathing. We also recommend nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDS) like Tylenol 1/4 tsp twice per day for 5 days following their initial cast removal since these medications help prevent excessive bleeding associated with surgeries like this over time. Please note: Declaws remove only part of each toe; all