What Age Do You Neuter A Kitten?

We do it at about 6-8 weeks old. The vet will give you a shot to numb the area, then use an instrument to neuter him. There is no pain involved but he may cry out for a little while after the procedure.

What are the benefits of spaying?

The female cat’s reproductive tract is very large and if she gets pregnant, there could be complications with her pregnancy (pregnancy toxemia). Spaying prevents this because not only does it remove what can potentially become unwanted kittens, but also helps prevent unwanted pregnancies in future years when she might try reproducing again. She will also live much longer than unsterilized females who tend to develop uterine infections and osteoporosis later in life that can lead to death or severe arthritis/disorders such as urinary incontinence, etc.. It has been shown that unsterile cats almost always die younger than their spayed counterparts due to these conditions developing later in life due to untreated infection during pregnancy rather than contracting them earlier when they were still able to breed properly.

How much does neutering cost?

It depends on where you go for neutering; some vets charge $50-$75 per surgery whereas others like our local animal hospital charge $100-150 per surgery (they usually perform 3 surgeries per day here). But if your cat needs more time off work or school because of his operation then it costs additional money — typically between $25-$45