What Age Is Kitten An Adult?

The answers to these questions are subjective and vary from case to case. For instance, a kitten can be considered “adult” at almost any age if it is mature enough to survive on its own without your assistance for several weeks. But you should not consider a cat an adult until it reaches the age of one year or older – since cats have a reduced life expectancy after their first birthday – so count them as more children than adults! In general though, most people would agree that kittens are more like babies than they ever will be as full grown adults. So how do you know when your vet thinks that your pet is ready for some responsibility? From my experience, this usually happens between 8-12 months of age (or sometimes 7-9 months old). If you plan on getting a kitten in the future make sure he/she is healthy and eats well before bringing him/her home!

What’s the difference between shelter animals and rescues? And what about puppy mills? How do I tell if an animal was born there or sold there by someone who didn’t want her anymore? What does “foster” mean anyway?!

Shelter animals, rescue groups, shelters… whatever term we use… means exactly what it says: taking care of homeless pets & finding loving homes for them. Shelter dogs go through many different levels of care including basic vaccinations; spaying/neutering; listening attentively to their needs; maintaining excellent health through