What Age Should A Kitten Be Spayed?

A kitten usually can be spayed at six weeks of age, but some vets do recommend waiting until the kitten is eight or nine weeks old. If you are absolutely certain that your kitten will not have any problems with an early surgery, then by all means go ahead and try to schedule it before they are seven weeks old. As for neutering a male cat after his first season is over — never! This would be like altering a fully grown horse so he could keep running races instead of being used as a riding animal!

How often does my cat need to have his teeth brushed?

Teeth should be brushed each week. Brushing removes plaque buildup which has broken down into tartar (tarter is what makes us think our cats’ mouths are “dirty”). With regular brushing, this tartar is removed from the gum line and keeps growing back smaller rather than becoming larger. This allows more room for chewing on all those tasty treats you’re always throwing out for them! It also helps prevent tooth decay because there aren’t any pieces breaking off in their food; everything stays where it belongs.

What’s better: dry food or canned food? Why/why not both?

One good argument for canned foods has to do with consistency of ingredients between brands–it makes no difference whether the ingredient list says 90% poultry meal or 100% chicken meat meal (the protein source) as long as it’s ground up fine enough that your pet can digest it