What Are Kitten Heels Basketball Wives?

Kitten heels are a type of shoe where the heel is very high. They resemble stilettos in appearance and function, but they’re meant for comfort and ease when you’re wearing them all day long—not just to an appointment with your nail tech or pedicurist. This style can be found in both men and women’s shoes, and it often has additional cushioning around the ankle area to offer more support. Some manufacturers customize their styles by adding soles that have a pattern or color on them so that it stands out different than other styles.

How do I purchase kitten heels? Do many stores carry these types of shoes?

Most retailers will carry kitten heels if they sell any version of stiletto-style pumps at all (such as Heels Plus). If you want to shop online, Cydnee carries some fun colors like jade green pictured above! Other sites sometimes feature kitten heels without knowing what they are exactly; read our list below for details about how to spot the differences between various brands: