What Can A Newborn Kitten Eat?

What are the rules of thumb for feeding kittens?

How often should I feed my kitten?

Do babies need to be kept warm or cool when they are nursing?

When can a mother cat have more than one litter in a season, and how do you know if she is pregnant again?

Can I give my kitten milk replacer formula as long as he eats meaty foods also?

Should I make sure that my newborn kitten has all his vaccinations before taking him home, or wait until he is old enough to receive them at the veterinarian’s office where they are given by injection instead of pills? How soon after birth does this vaccine regimen begin work on an infant cat’s system, anyway—and what happens if it doesn’t work properly because no toxoplasmosis antibodies were detectable in his blood serum during pregnancy?” These questions will be answered here. If any additional information about cats needed by new owners isn’t provided here either , please ask your vet directly. A good question for your veterinarian may well be: “Why don’t we see many cases of toxoplasmosis among domestic cats each year?” This article attempts to answer that question. “Cat” refers only to housecats (domestic short-haired breeds such as Persians and Siamese), not wildcats! The term “toxo” means “to infect with disease”; so, let us define it first: Toxoplasma g