What Can I Do For A Kitten With Matted Eyes?Trackid=Sp-006?

I have never had a cat with matted eyes, the only one I’ve ever given that problem was my sister’s. She also had an allergy to her cats and that is what caused it.

To get rid of the mats you need to get a fine tooth comb and use it on their eye area gently pulling out all of the hair from their eyes so you don’t scratch them. If they are behind there ears or in other areas be careful not to pull too hard because if your cat has sensitive skin this may cause pain for them especially when removing parts like fur balls. Leave some braids in but keep most pulled out until the matting goes away on its own (which could take up to 3-4 weeks). Usually when one section will start going away then another will follow shortly after which means you can go ahead and remove all of those sections at once since it is likely both areas were causing eachothers matting! When they start getting better again give them love and make sure they eat by offering wet food treats like canned salmon or tuna pouches (lots of protein helps with shedding) and water bottles filled with plain purified water just as soon as possible every time you notice any improvement or spotting which might indicate their eyes starting to clear up further!! This usually takes about 1-2 weeks {but remember how long it took before initially} till they stop having these issues altogether but sometimes can last longer than others depending on your kitty’s