What Can I Do If 8.5 Week Old Kitten Favoring His Leg?

– My kitten has a limp on her right side. what can i do

Our 8 week old kitten is limping and pawing at legs – Our eight week old kitten started favoring one of her legs while walking around the house. We have noticed some swelling in the cat three days ago, but this morning it looks like she may be having an allergic reaction to something as she’s been licking it quite a bit. I think that maybe Jave left our litter box damp or something because he hasn’t been using it for over a week now, so we didn’t know about the problem until today when we went to wash out his box and found him hobbling over there looking cute as ever! He did stop me from getting too close with his claws though…

Kittens ear problems – Kitten got rear leg/paw caught in screen door – Her rear leg was tangled up in screen door hardware three weeks ago.Hasn’t had any signs since then except sometimes restless sleep during which time she will get up once or twice without waking us up and then return to bed . She seems fine otherwise doesnt seem bothered by anything physically ,no sores etc .I’m worried that if I don’t take care of this soon that it could become very serious rather than just annoying..What should I do? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me !