What Can I Feed A Stray Kitten?

If you have a kitten that has been taken in by your neighbors or someone else, then it is important to find out what kind of food they eat. There are many different types of cat foods available and if you know which one they like best, then it will be easier to switch when the time comes. Also make sure that there is always plenty of fresh water available so that the kitten can drink whenever he/she wants to. And don’t forget about giving them lots of love and attention – this will also help give them the strength they need after being neutered/spayed…

What do I feed a stray dog?

A stray dog needs just as much care as a stray cat does. It’s very important that although you may not have had any contact with this particular dog before, once he/she gets used to living indoors with people around him/her, s omething should change for the better! This includes feeding him only on special days (say every other day) and making sure his diet consists mainly out of cooked meat / fish (this sorta thing). You should also get your hands on some bathroom “treats” such as salmon oil toothpastes or pills (you can often buy these kinds at pet shops), because dogs really do enjoy getting their teeth cleaned up regularly too! Plus remember: even though we humans think we’re independent creatures who don’t depend on others constantly for our lives and well-being all throughout our