What Can You Feed A Kitten Besides Cat Food?

If you are having trouble deciding what to feed your kitten, I’d recommend trying the following:

-Tuna fish is a good food for kittens. It can be bought in cans or jars at most grocery stores. If you decide to get the canned variety make sure it has no alcolhol added to it! Try feeding some tuna fish mixed with other foods before switching your cat over completely to this product.

-Purina brand kitten chow should also work well for kitty. You can buy it at any pet store or on line from PetSmart, etc.. This food comes in tube form and is available in several flavors including chicken flavor so there are plenty of options for taste if your cat doesn’t like one flavor of food too much! Just try mixing different flavors together until you find which one he likes best before giving him whole chunks of Purina brand kitten chow all by itself. There are many ways that you can switch up his diet after he eats Purina but I would not worry about trying out new flavors just yet because once they get used to their regular diet that will probably be their favorite forever! 🙂