What Can You Give A Kitten To Eat Or Drink If It Wont Eat?

A: Kittens are very young and they do not know how to eat yet. They should be fed kitten formula or canned food, nothing else. You can make a mixture of warm water with white rice. Let the kitten drink it until he gets used to drinking cold water, then slowly replace the rice by baby cereal mixed with boiled chicken broth.

Q: How long does it take for a cat to learn to use litter box? And what kind of litter should I buy for him?

A: Some cats have never had any problems using their litter boxes so if this is your first time training them you will need patience and time as well as proper instruction on how to care for your cat properly in order for them not to have accidents in the house! First, pick out a litter box that fits your cat’s size well enough so there isn’t too much wasted space around it (also consider hiding areas like vents or walls that could hide urine smell). Second, try putting some kitty treats near the box before putting the actual “litter” substance inside; many cats don’t want an empty place where they can see other people using their bathroom facilities; also note that your pet may prefer different types of litters than humans usually choose (such as pine pellets instead of clay) – find one he seems happy with and stick with it! Thirdly, gradually increase amount/frequency/location/time period you clean up his messes until he understands why he shouldn