What Cause A Kitten To Lose Fur Around Mouth?

I have a kitten that is around 4 months old. I noticed that the fur on his mouth and chin area has been thinning out lately, which he never had prior to being adopted from a shelter as an adult. The skin does not seem raw or red, but it looks like there are little patches of “skin.” Is this normal? He’s very young so hopefully the problem will resolve itself soon! Thanks for your help!


Kitten Losing Fur Around Mouth?

This may be because she hasn’t figured out how to groom herself yet. She should start by licking her own feet and then work up to eye brows, nose etc If you see any signs of infection or rashes it would be best to bring her in for treatment immediately – feral kitties can carry parasites such as fleas and mites which can cause all kinds of problems including blindness if left untreated. (12/13/2010)

By jaydub