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What is too much food for your cats weight? – Cats how many ounces are average at different weights 1 year old 3 years old 5 years old 7 years old 10 years 15 yrs. 21 yrs. For every 1 pound over what percent should i feed them by grams per week 2% 3% 4% 5% 6% 10 lbs 11 lb 12 lb 13 lb 14 lb 15lb 16lb 17lb 18l 19l 20l Will my kitten be normal again if I take away all his food for 24 hours? What can I do to help him get enough calories and protein in his diet without having to starve him, or make sure he gets plenty of exercise daily.?- My male cat has been shedding terribly. He used to have long light brown fur that was thick, now he is losing more and more fur each day until its nothing but loose skin around his neck and shoulders . Not only that , the fur on his back legs are very thin as well . Is this something I need to worry about since Ive noticed las months not much changes with him except he acts like hes ill most times when Im home so i dont expect any drastic changes within the next few days.. How