What Channel Is The Kitten Bowl On?

“Oh, right. It was on the news this morning. They were saying they found a cat in one of those old houses up near where I used to live. You know, what is it with these people who hoard cats? Why do they have them if they won’t take care of ‘em? That’s horrible! Anyway, the lady told me about it after she saw an interview with you guys last night. She said there must be some mistake because her cat was never missing and she definitely fed him every day like she always did even though he could only eat dry food since he had trouble swallowing regular kibble.”

“That’s odd,” commented Eliza as she looked around at their surroundings for any sign that might indicate why someone would want to harm Kitty or anyone else for that matter. “She should really get rid of all that food then—it could attract other animals… Or certain kinds of vermin…”