What Do You Do If Your Kitten Gets Stung By A Bee?

It is not known if the sting of a bee causes an allergic reaction in cats. If they do, then soap and warm water will help remove any venom from their skin. In rare cases, some people have reported that using a hair dryer on the affected area can cause additional irritation to the skin but it is unknown whether this would be due to heat damage or simply further stinging by trapped hairs. It’s best for your cat to see a vet as soon as possible once you suspect they’ve been stung by a bee or other insect. Some vets may recommend topical anaesthetic cream which should reduce pain from any incidents over time and will prevent additional reactions in case there are any allergens present on your pet’s skin.[1] Most vets won’t perform tests for allergies without diagnosing them first through blood testing.[2]

Does my kitten need its vaccinations?

Although we don’t recommend vaccinating kittens until 4 months of age (when their immune systems are more developed), we know that vaccination schedules vary between different countries and veterinary practices so it’s important to check with your veterinarian about what schedule you should follow when bringing home your new kitten: [3]