What Do You Do With The Scratch Kitten Snakewood?

I put the snake wood into a bag and threw it in my garden. I thought that was going to be good enough but then it went off! The whole place has been overrun by lizards. There’s not a flat surface you can sit on anywhere, even outside – it’s all full of them! It’s been so bad at night-time because they come out from under the house to hunt mice, which means nothing gets any sleep or peace during those hours. In fact, I think we have more than 30 now as well as our usual 15. And don’t get me started about their poo – what is that stuff? When there are three or four together they look like one big ball of gooey filth and if one falls off… no other word for it other than disgusting!!

Can you tell us something about your first year as a mum?

The first year with Sammi was pretty much exactly how I imagined it would be when she arrived. She got her claws into everything straight away; she loved attention and affection (and food!) just like all babies do; she doesn’t cry very often but when she does its always because something really matters to her; crawling is still quite an adventure every time around so its never getting easier for me either way you look at it; motor skills are amazing already too though this might change once walking becomes possible – fingers crossed though…