What Do You Feed A Newborn Kitten?

There are many different options for feeding a newborn kitten, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. When I’m asked what to feed a newborn kitten, my first response is always: “What do you want your cat to eat?” The second thing I say is: “How much time do you have?” If the answer to both questions is ‘not very much,’ then it makes sense to choose an option that will provide adequate nutrition in as little as two weeks (unless there is something special about your cat). That depends on how often you feed him/her.

If the answer to both questions is ‘yes—I can give them table food!’ then go with whatever brand of canned or dry food that they like best. Keep in mind though, canned and dry foods can be expensive (especially if you shop around). Also keep in mind that some cats don’t really like any kind of canned or dry kibble; so make sure they know this before starting. You may want to try small amounts at first until they get used to it; but remember that most kittens shouldn’t have regular access too hot liquids such as coffee or tea until after their eyes open . After all this information on what new born kittens should have been fed from birth up through 3-4 months of age – here’s some general rules of thumb when choosing whether a wet or dry diet for babies & toddlers