What Do You Feed A Stray Baby Kitten?

If the kitten is a stray, you’re going to have to let it go. Many people believe that if they feed a cat or dog, then the animal will eat out of their hands and follow them around forever. This is not true! In fact, if you attempt to keep an animal as a pet without providing it with food, the animal will probably feel very confused and upset by this turn of events. You can find yourself being sued for cruelty toward your pet! If you decide that you want to keep the kitten but want its mother back (sometimes called “rescuing”), do not try to catch her – she will be scared/terrified/angry enough as it is already – just leave her alone. She has probably been abandoned by someone who cannot take care of her properly anymore – at least that’s what I would assume from how things went down in my own case with two kittens I had when I was young… breaking up families here can cause huge problems later on because babies are so dependent upon their mothers until they are about six months old or so…

What should one give a hungry baby kitten?

If your baby kitten seems hungry after feeding every few hours during the day, don’t hesitate giving him some canned tuna or some other high-protein wet food product like Pedigree Complete Care Puppy Formula Canned Cat Food once in awhile (but never mix these foods together). The more he eats