What Do You Give A Newborn Kitten To Eat?

What do you give a newborn kitten to eat?

Question: What do you give a newborn kitten to eat? Answer : Kitten Nutrition is very important, especially when they are under stress. This stresses the immune system and makes them more susceptible to illness. If the mother has eaten certain foods during pregnancy then I recommend that her kittens also be fed those same foods, which will help build their immunity against disease as well as provide extra nutrition for growth and development. The best food for kittens (and puppies!) is an all-meat diet from birth until weaning, eartmeal biscuits after weaning up until around two months of age, followed by commercial kitten milk formula or human baby formula from three weeks of age through eight weeks of age depending on your budget at that time. At 10 weeks old I put my adult cats on a raw meat diet with fresh vegetables and fruit added daily along with salmon oil capsules if needed due to allergies/environmental sensitivities etc., but it should never be necessary unless there are known environmental issues such as parasites or toxins in the home environment – cat owners have become so sensitive these days! You can read about this topic here: How Much do Cats Eat Do They Have Enough Food To Lose Weight In one week?: Our Adult Cat Needs Lots Of Healthy Foods For Best Health And Growth