What Does A Baby Kitten Eat?

A baby kitten eats fresh meat or a high-quality canned food. A good quality, low fat food for kittens is usually the best choice, and it should be fed no less than twice per day.

What can I feed my cat?

Many people ask what type of diet they should feed their pet and how much to give them. The answer really depends on your pet’s size: If you have a small breed like a Chihuahua or Yorkie, they need fewer calories per pound because they are so tiny; if you have an adult cat or large dog, then you can gradually increase the number of calories in your pet’s diet as he grows older (500 calories per pound is generally recommended). Also keep in mind that many supplements such as fish oil will add extra nutrients to your pet’s diet which may help with joint health and coat condition. Oil based diets tend to clump up hair making litter box cleaning more difficult and also makes scratching at furniture more likely due to dryness resulting from the lack of moisture in the diet.