What Does A Kitten Look Like?

What does a cat look like? What color is it? How big is it? Does it have six legs or four, and what are its ears like, its face, etc.? The answer to the question “what does a kitten look like?” depends on how old the kitten is. Just as some kittens grow faster than others, some cats will change shape with age. A new born kitten’s fur lacks any markings at all – no spots or stripes of any kind. Its eyes are closed until it opens them for the first time while nursing from its mother. At around 7 weeks an infant has hair that starts out short but then grows longer in patches over time while becoming thicker overall.. As kittens get older they become more adult-like looking and develop darker coats that may be speckled with lighter areas such as white on Maine Coon cats or black & white tabby patterns on Jungle Cats (see below). They also start picking up facial markings such as distinctive arched eyebrows and whiskers along their noses and mouths known as nose prints. When you meet your exuberant little bundle of joy for the very first time you’ll want to know what they look like so we’ve put together this handy guide to help you identify both male & female Kittens: Black Winter White Hairless *Brown Spotted Winter White Spotted Brown* Light Grey Dark Gray Dark Grey/Light Grey Albino Hairy Tabby Snowshoe Tortoiseshell Smokey Lavender Seal Birman