What Does A Mother Cat Do With A Dead Kitten?

We do not know what a mother cat does with her dead kittens. Maybe she buries them in the garden, or hides them under the house where they are discovered during construction work. She may adopt another kitten to foster him/her after death of young one We have never seen this happen before though.

How long do mother cats live?

It is difficult to generalize about life span of mothers because each case is unique and depends on many factors (including age at which the mums gave birth, nutrition while pregnant, etc.). But generally speaking it can be said that most healthy females will remain fertile for more than two years after giving birth; longevity ranges from 3-6 years depending on breed and health status (see below). As far as we know there are no reports on female cats over 10 years old! There are some records on male cats living longer – up to 15 yrs or even 20 yrs! Apparently males also experience some physiological changes caused by continuous testosterone production which decreases lifespan . It’s very interesting that in spite of all efforts made specifically for keeping their fur clean kitties still develop “cat mange” (“Sarcoptic Mange”) disease quite often… From our perspective this proves once again how important it is not only proper diet but also regular grooming for your pet’s skin is so it can prevent infection complications.