What Does A Newborn Kitten Eat?

Breast milk is the best food for a newborn kitten. The mother cat eats her own kittens to feed them, but it’s still wise to provide supplemental food so that the kittens don’t starve. Before you do anything else, make sure your kitten is fully litter trained and has had his first vaccinations (if he hasn’t yet). Place him in his travel crate or carrier and bring him straight home from the vet or animal shelter where he was found. You can begin feeding him right away on Mother’s Milk Replacer Formula once you get home. Kittens need more calories than full-grown cats because of their rapid growth rate; formula should be provided at least twice daily until they are 4 weeks old (although four times per day is better if possible). If your pet store doesn’t have this ready-to-feed formula, contact them immediately. Follow directions carefully on both containers of milks; some contain vitamins C & D which must not be given to young animals (even puppies), as well as canned tuna fish which can harm very young kittens if fed too often (in fact canned tuna isn’t recommended for any pets under 2 months of age due to mercury content).

How much does my new kitten cost?

The average price paid for an adult domestic short hair cat varies according to sex and coat color: $100-$250 for strays/neuters; $50-$150 for purebreds; about $50-$75 each when buying from a tra