What Does An Eight Week Old Kitten Look Like?

An eight week old kitten will have a furrowed brow, its eyes will be open and it will not yet have fully developed any teeth. Its ears are small and its paws are less than half an inch long. The baby kitty’s cute facial features give the illusion that it is much older than it actually is.

How big do kittens get?

Kittens grow very quickly at first but then slow down and eventually stop growing when they reach maturity around 12 months for males and 18 months for females. Kittens usually weigh between 1 to 3 ounces (30 g) when born; however some can weigh as little as 0.5 ounce (14 g). Male cats tend to be larger than female cats of similar ages due to their greater development during gestation in the mother’s womb which increases their size by about 8% over female babies who go through pregnancy at approximately 9 weeks of age on average while male kittens go through gestation at 16 weeks of age on average, hence these male kittens may appear smaller than females because they had shorter periods in the womb and did not develop so greatly before birth compared with girls that enter into maternal life later in time after being conceived outside the body of a pregnant mother