What Does It Cost To Declaw A Kitten?

A: Declawing is illegal in most states and countries. It is also unnecessary for the health of your cat, and can cause pain and other medical problems if performed on an adult cat (some believe declawing should be avoided on any cats). Many veterinarians will not perform this procedure; we do not because we need to make sure our patients are healthy enough to recover without additional health complications and risks (such as biting humans who don’t understand why they shouldn’t use their fingers like a normal person…or worse yet, try to eat it!). Your kitten’s nails grow continuously during its first year of life, so there is no point in cutting them short when you have done nothing wrong. If your vet says that he or she can safely remove one nail at a time over six months until the claws are nearly worn down to the quick – then please go with it! It means less risk for all involved. But please remember that declawing is considered mutilation by many people.

Q: What about my dog? Isn’t he “as much a part of the family” as my kitty? Won’t I hurt him too? Shouldn’t both animals be free from restraint when together? Why was I put here?!?!