What Does It Cost To Spay A Kitten?

I have a female kitten that I don’t want to spay, what does it cost? She’s about 2 weeks old.


Spaying your cat is a much safer and an easier procedure than neutering your male cat. Spaying will prevent the spread of diseases such as Feline Leukemia and reproductive cancers like mammary tumours or ovarian cancer in females that are still maturing from kittenhood until they reach their first heat cycle at around 4-6 months of age. Neutering your male animal can lead to incontinence problems for males over time, obesity, skin infections (although not usually fatal), prostate enlargement due to inappropriate testosterone production late in life or even death because of the enlarged prostate. The majority of veterinarians agree that neutering is not worth it if you can afford a spay! If you must make a choice between sterilizing your pet vs euthanizing him yourself please do so humanely by putting him down with an overdose of pain killers instead! Please take my advice!!!