What Does It Mean Wheen A Kitten Wins?


The most common interpretation of kitty’s winning is this one. A kitten wins when its mother gives it a food treat with her mouth and the cat licks the lips of its mother to get the treat. This behavior is called “licking” or kissing in cats, but in dogs it’s called licking (the dog sticks his tongue out). Kittens lick their mothers because they need to be fed right away. They do this by sticking their entire head into your lap so that you can’t take your eyes off them for even a second! The kitten won’t stop until you feed it, which means you must hold still while he does all that licking! It would only take about 60 seconds for him to be done, so if he manages to get finished just before he gets tired out, then good for him. I guess some people think kittens win by getting milked dry without getting any treats at all!