What Does It Mean When A Cat Hisses At A Kitten?

What does it mean when a cat hisses at a kitten? | Yahoo Answers

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When my mom was younger, she had a little hooded schnauzer. She showed her affection by giving her kisses and cuddles. The only time I ever saw her make any kind of noise toward this dog was after she had been playing with her. It’s really hard to explain but it seemed like the dog felt threatened or something because as soon as mom walked towards it, its ears would perk up and you could see that there were these tiny lines going down from them into its eyes. They were weirdly shaped lines that went all around its face kind of like those faux eyeliner looks women have now-a-days…they looked almost venomous in some way…lol…anyway, I never understood why they did that but since then whenever i’ve seen one or seen pictures of them doing so I automatically think about what Mom used to do for affection….so why am i posting this question again? lol