What Does It Mean When A Kitten Can’T Meow?

When a kitten can’t meow, it means that there is something wrong with its breathing or airway. Usually, this problem is related to an underlying health issue in the kitten’s respiratory system. Sometimes the cause for not being able to meow is an external obstruction restricting airflow through the nose and mouth, such as foreign objects lodged in the nasal passages or throat. Other times there are problems with how your kitten’s vocal cords are developing–for example if they are too short or stiff for proper functioning.

A baby cat that has lost her voice due to congenital defects of her larynx (voice box). Photo courtesy of Jiri Novak / Wikimedia Commons A baby cat who cannot speak because she was born without a larynx (voice box) has some other interesting characteristics: all kittens begin making noises around two weeks old; by four weeks old they have full-fledged voices; and at seven months’ age they stop making sounds altogether. The reason why kittens develop their first yowls so early on apparently stems from an innate ability of cats to practice vocalization even before birth! Any infant animal needs time to learn how its lungs work before it can start sounding like humans do–the equivalent stage for dogs probably starts when puppies become squeaky toys instead of balls of fluff! Unfortunately, unfortunately most babies don’t get enough chances during their lives to repeat what they’ve learned while still inside mommy’s womb! Kittens frequently roll over onto their bell