What Does It Mean When A Kitten Is Suddenly In Your Life?

and when a kitten is suddenly in your life? how to keep them from disappearing?

How can you tell if a cat has been abused or mistreated, and what should you do about it?

What are some of the psychological issues that come up when dealing with cats and people who love them?

Is there such a thing as an “allergy” to cats, or is this just another myth we have grown up with thanks to the Internet’s pervasive reach into our lives?

Do all female felines want to be lap cats all day long until they die of old age in our laps at home on the couch without ever going out for most of their lives, or can these same females also go outside occasionally for mealtimes and bathroom breaks if I let them know where those places are – meaning I must not own one single male cat because he would constantly chase my female around trying to mate with her. Is it true that males will kill any young kittens left behind by their mothers after she has had her full litter which makes me think that owning only females might be best because then there won’t be unwanted kittens getting killed by males. Or am i being paranoid here thinking too much into things. Thanks! 🙂 New York City Animal Care & Control FAQ: How much does adoption fee cover costs like food bowls, bedding supplies etc.? Adoption fees cover basic care needs beginning upon placement within your household. You may need additional items depending on your lifestyle