What Does It Mean When A Kitten Nips Your Finger?

It means that your kitten is playing. Kittens are playful little creatures, and they love to play with their owners! Sometimes, especially if the kitten has been handled a lot during socialization classes or visits to the vet, it may be difficult for them to tell when you are enjoying yourself as much as they are. If this occurs more than once in a row, don’t worry—it is only normal. Just make sure you put on some gloves or use some other barrier between your fingers and kitty’s teeth before he gets too strong!

Kitten Nipping 1010

What does it mean if my kitten nips me? It means that she just wants attention! When kittens first come into their new home, they will immediately feel the need to show how much they care for you by biting at any part of your body. This can include ears (if scratching around there), face (they’ll bite behind your ears), hands (the fingers!), feet…you name it! They do this because of instinctive behavior meant to establish dominance over each other so that each littermate knows who is boss! The biting doesn’t hurt; after all, cats’ sharp retractable claws naturally inflict pain on anything they touch—and even humans have felt that sting from time-to-time thanks to kitty’s razor sharp baby teeth!! But remember: keep those hands away from kitty’s face until her adult dentition develops; otherwise she could end up