What Does It Mean When My Kitten Bites Me?

This is one of the most common questions that people have about their kittens. The bite can be a sign of affection, stress or playfulness. Sometimes it’s not even associated with biting at all because many times you will find that your kitten loves to play and they aren’t particularly aggressive in their behavior towards other animals or humans. It is also important to remember that cats do not usually attempt to kill when they bite another animal so this should never be treated as an emergency situation if your cat has bitten you before. You should always talk to a veterinarian regarding any injuries sustained from such an incident so he/she can determine whether there are any potential medical complications associated with the attack on you and how serious it may be in terms of infection risk.

What does my kitten mean when he urinates on me?

Kitten urine and feces (they go by different names) isn’t something that we like but we don’t see too much of it around our homes since most adult cats only begin doing this shortly after they reach adulthood which means between 8-12 weeks old for male cats and 4-7 months for female cats once they become pregnant (this varies based on the breed). Female kitties often spray more frequently than males do however, due either to hormonal imbalances or simply feeling stressed out sometimes females tend not to notice when others are around them while spraying; thus she may start spraying without noticing anyone near her! Many