What Does It Mean When Your Kitten Bites You?

If your kitten bites you it means that he wants attention from you. Perhaps he is bored of being held and needs a little exercise. Or maybe his littermate has been playing with him more than usual, and now the two of them are squabbling over who gets to play with the human first. Whatever the reason for this behaviour, it’s okay! You don’t have to do anything but give him some loving care – lots of praise, a little interaction before bedtime – all will set your baby on a better track in no time at all!

Does my kitten need more food? Will she get fat?

Kittens grow very quickly during their first year – kittens can double their weight within 3 months (some even triple!). So if you haven’t already got flea protection on her diet, now would be an excellent opportunity to do so as well as putting down some extra kibble for her daily requirement. She should really only require one meal per day unless she’s using up too much energy chasing or pouncing after house-mates or other cats outside; then offer another meal later in the evening/night depending on how active she’ll be running around once nightfall arrives. What we’re saying here: A lot of people think “poor thing” when they see their pet cat eat less than normal; whilst most domestic pets aren’t designed by nature to live large lives like dogs and horses (who tend to be fed twice daily), our feline friends seem