What Does It Mean When Your Kitten Licks You?

November 11, 2017. How to Get Your Cat’s Urine Out of the Carpet – The Spruce (http://www.thespruce.com/how-to-get-cat s-urine-out-of-the-carpet)

I had some urine that was dried on my carpet and I tried every thing listed but nothing worked… Here is a natural way to get cat pee out of carpets… Do not use any chemical for this method as it will damage your rug.. I have used this with good results..

November 12, 2017. Pet Peeing? 5 Things You Can Do To Stop Your Cat from Urinating Outside (https://www.barkbox.com/blog/5reasons_why_your_cat_pee s/)

How do I stop my male cat from urinating outside? This article will be about how you can prevent your male cat from doing that nasty deed of going outside and peeing! It must be a very scary experience for him since he doesn’t understand why he has been forbidden to go outdoors… But there are several things you can do at home or in order to make his life better again! He deserves it after all! 🙂