What Extra Protein Can I Put In Kitten Milk For A Squirrel?

My kitten is 9 weeks old, and I am feeding her Purina Kitten Chow. What extra protein can I give her to make sure she has enough calories? And does she need any vitamins or supplements?


Kitty’s diet – posted 21-10-2007 by Kitty (Canada) Thanks for your question! The first thing you should do is consult with your vet about the health of the kitten. As far as what type of food to feed, it depends on which breed/breed mix you have. Do not throw out the kitty’s old food unless instructed so! If you are unsure, talk with your vet or ask another responsible adult who knows cats well. This way there will be no confusion in regards to proper nutrition so that they don’t get sick from eating something inappropriate for them! Ask lots of questions too because this will help ensure their safety. You can also go online and search “Nutrition” for specific information such as how many calories each meal should contain and when one meal may be sufficient instead of three meals per day if recommended by a cat expert website such as www [url]wwwaustralianveterinarianorg[/url]. Also check out these websites: http://wwwcsunonlinebuzzcom/article9761f4c0-e6d9-11dc-8bb2-001cc47c002e_1_cat_nutrition.[/url]