What Genre Is Rainbow Kitten Surprise?

When I started writing Rainbow Kitten Surprise, it was a very different story. It was mostly an experiment in the genre of fairy tale and folklore retelling. As I improved my skills at writing, however, I realized that there were really only two ways to tell this particular story: by telling the entire thing in verse or using prose for everything except the lines in verse. The problem with doing it all in verse is that you have to have a lot of poems memorized before you get to where your story starts going from being silly to being emotionally powerful. And then if you want any real power behind what’s happening on-page between people who are supposed to be getting along…well, that’s just not going to happen without taking time away from character development and plot advancement. So I chose prose instead because 1) it would give me more room for characters and 2) if nothing else…it looked better when typeset! 🙂

What do you think about fanfic?

I love fanfiction but sometimes find myself frustrated with too much of it these days (and why wouldn’t I). With stories like ours out there right now though, plenty of others should come along soon enough—written by authors who know what they’re doing! For example: *cough* Emily Jayne Jacobs *cough* But hey—there needs to be some kind of outlet for our passion so long as we aren’t