What Happens If A Kitten Second Hand Smoke Marijuana?

If you have a kitten that is less than 8 weeks old, they can not be exposed to second hand smoke. This means no smoking around the kittens or in their environment. If the kittens are older than eight weeks old, they should be able to handle it. If you’re still unsure if your kitten will tolerate secondhand smoke – do some research on cats and marijuana before making this decision for them!

What happens if i use marijuana? what can I do about it?

The effects of THC on humans are unpredictable, depending on the amount consumed and whether there were other drugs/medications taken prior to consuming cannabis or marijuana. While many people report feeling “high” when using cannabis, others state that after consumption they feel lethargic or depressed instead of euphoric as expected from its psychoactive properties. We recommend avoiding all recreational substances until further notice by law enforcement officials nationwide .

Marijuana Effects: Some of what is known about how pot affects brain activity includes changes in memory processing speed that may affect short-term recall; impairment with coordinated visual attention tasks such as tracking moving targets; impaired working memory (the ability to hold several pieces of information–such as multiple letters–in mind at once); altered perception (smells differently, sounds louder), increased heart rate variability; slowed reaction time; decreased math skills –ability to add numbers quickly decreases when under the influence ; cognitive impairments including deficits in learning new material and problems with planning and problem solving ,