What Happens If You Touch A Newborn Kitten?

i’m a teacher, and i’ve been asked this question several times. the simple answer is “that depends on what you do after touching it.” if you immediately wash your hands with soap and water or use sanitizer containing alcohol (such as PurellĀ®) then no harm will come to the kitten – but DO NOT rub any of your fingers in its eyes because that can cause blindness.

if you don’t rinse out your hands well enough, then bacteria from the baby’s mouth may get onto your skin before washing properly. this could result in infection or even death for an infant kitten unless prompt medical attention is given.

also be careful not to pick up a wild kitten who has had contact with other cats in a pet store cage because these kittens have already been exposed to disease from other animals at the day-care facility where they were raised by their human parents – so when people adopt these kittens they are taking on all sorts of diseases that wild cats carry!